Dental Social Media Campaigns

Amplify Your Brand
Get More New Dental Patients

Social Media Marketing
for Local Dentists

Let’s face it: we live in a social media world! It was only a few years ago that Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms were simply idle pastimes designed to allow users to post a few cute pictures of family and friends.

Fast-forward to today, when social media has taken on much more significance in virtually every aspect of life, from political to business and much more! In fact, one of the most effective ways to market your dental practice is through social media.

At Prime Dental Marketing, we’ve been driving sales on social media since the early days of Facebook, and we understand what it takes to conduct a successful marketing campaign on these platforms.

Let us use the power of social media to grow your dental practice!

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Custom Tailored Social Campaigns
Attract New and Returning Patients to Your Practice!

Smart Targeting

What exactly IS smart targeting? It’s getting the right people to view your posts, and it is at the center of our social media campaign.

At Prime Dental Marketing, we combine our expertise with machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sure the right people see your social media ads!

Competition Research

We know, of course, your primary goal is to provide your patients with the very best dental care possible. But, at the same time, dentistry is a business – and a competitive one at that!

That’s why we give you a leg up on the competition by keeping track of how your competitors are succeeding, and that includes everything from what kind of marketing campaigns they’re running to what specials they’re currently offering their patients. This is how we help you to stay competitive and up-to-date with other dental practices.

Ad Creation

We’ve all seen the endless stream of social media ads. Most people scroll right past them.

That’s why it’s so important to create unique ads with a message that attracts current and potential patients to your practice.

We’ll create attention-grabbing ads and place them on the most effective platforms – those with proven results for the dental industry!

Ongoing Optimization

Social media is always evolving, which is why it’s so important to monitor the results and key metrics of your social media marketing campaign.

That’s what ongoing optimization is all about. We provide continuous monitoring of results and make whatever small adjustments are necessary along the way to optimize the results of your social media campaign!

Drive Leads, Not Likes

Most of us enjoy seeing “likes” when we post cute sayings or family photos on our social media pages. But “likes” don’t bring new patients into your practice!

Our social media marketing campaigns are designed to produce real results – and that means attracting new patients to your dental practice!

Proven Results

Social media marketing is nothing new for our marketing professionals. In fact, we’ve been conducting successful social media campaigns for local businesses for years!

That means we have unique insights into what’s involved in using social media to increase your number of patients. We know your main goal, and we share the same focus.

How our dental Social Campaigns are Different

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Social media marketing is our specialty – one that we are proud to claim. But building social campaigns designed to attract people from the LOCAL area is even more of a niche.

At Prime Dental Leads, we’ve perfected the steps involved in building a campaign that reaches thousands of people in and around your local area. Including the use of well-crafted ads and state-of-the-art machine learning to effectively reach your target audience: new patients from the local area!

With Years of Experience Marketing for Dentists, We Know What Works and What Will Give You the Best ROI.​