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Prime Dental Marketing was created with a single goal in mind, to help provide high quality, digital marketing to dental practices and help generate new patients and enhance growth. The two founders James Petty and Jason Walkoviak have marketed for dental practices over 7 years and they both come from sales and internet marketing backgrounds. Together they have mastered the marketing channels and methods that can consistently drive new patients for your dental practice.

Prime Dental Marketing

Executive Team

A man in a suit and tie poses for a photo at a dental marketing company.


James Petty first got into online marketing and lead generation for business in 2000. He quickly understood that if a business was to be successful in the new internet age they must have a profitable internet marketing strategy in place.
A suit-clad man with a beaming smile representing a dental marketing company.

Jason Walkoviak

Why do people do what they do? How do you motivate people to act in a certain way? These burning questions have always intrigued Jason and are exactly what attracted him to the fields of marketing, human psychology, and decision-making.
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