Help for
Struggling Dental Practices...

Breaking Out of the Rut - Solutions for
a Struggling Dental Practice

Has your practice entered a phase of stagnation or even contraction?
Prime Dental Marketing has helped many practices in similar circumstances.
We’ve got an impressive track record for helping struggling or even saving
practices from the brink with proven growth programs.

Understanding the Symptoms
and Reasons a Practice Struggles

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The average practice may lose up to 10-15% of its patient base each year due to normal attrition. Over time these losses can add up and seriously impact your practice in a negative way.

To achieve actual growth, you need a plan that realizes a 15-lO% growth rate to solidify your patient base.

The first symptoms of a struggling practice is flat or falling Revenue. Perhaps you’re seeing other practices around you increasing production, but not you. 

The first step to turning things around is understanding what’s blocking your growth. In our 10 years of experience working with a wide variety of practices, a lack of new patient aquisition is the top reason a practice struggles.

Top Roadblocks to New Patient Aquisition:

There used to be a time when dental marketing wasn’t needed. In fact some old-school thinking actually looked down on it. In today’s environment, not marketing will effectively leave you behind while your competitors take all your market share.

Not quite as bad not marketing at all… at least you’re trying. But likely you’re spending good dollars using outdated marketing techniques or you’ve hired a marketing company that simply isn’t executing. Practices have to stay cutting edge to compete, marketing will effectively leave you behind while your competitors take all your market share.

If your patient base’s average age has increased, this can be both a cause and a symptom of a struggling practice.

You need to attract a range of demographics, but getting younger tech-savy patients has been a challenge for some practices not staying up-to-date with modern online marketing techniques.

Personalized Dental Marketing
Plans that Ignite Growth

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Being Found Online is Critical

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Younger generations assocate a strong online presence with the legitimacy of a practice. When they’re unable to find your practice online or via mobile methods, several assumptions are made with your practice.
  • You’re brand new and probably lack the experience they want
  • You’re practice is antiquated or out-of-touch and may lack the resources or desire to provide modern services.
  • No one is talking about your practice or something is wrong and people are avoiding your practice.

Experts in Growth,
Experts in Dental Marketing

Our mission is to provide our expertise and experience in digital marketing for
dentists to help their practices grow in patient-base and value. Marketing is a
complex and rapidly changing industry. Our approach is both innovative and
practical with proven results. We offer comprehensive dental marketing
strategies that continually attract new patients to your practice.

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