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Why Your Practice Needs a Dedicated Dental Marketing Software

Dental marketing software provides solutions that dental practice management systems lack. Most practice management platforms are designed around scheduling, billing, and clinical workflows but fall short when it comes to built-in tools for marketing. While they may offer some basics like appointment reminders and reviews management, they don’t provide the full range of marketing features today’s practices need. 

Prime Dental Marketing Software Dashboard

Prime Local, our Dental marketing software delivers dedicated solutions to help dental teams master patient acquisition and retention through website design, search engine optimization, social media management, surveys, email nurturing, text messaging, online reputation monitoring, and advanced analytics.

Features List

CRM - Pipeline Management

A pipeline management system helps dental practices track leads, monitor sales opportunities, and improve follow-up to convert more leads into patients.

Landing Page Builder

Custom landing pages help capture contact info from potential new patients and drive traffic from marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Targeted email campaigns keep patients engaged, promote special offers, and fill last-minute openings in the schedule.

Workflow Automations

Streamline repetitive tasks like follow-ups, reminders, and thank you messages with automated workflows.

Reputation Management

Get new reviews! Monitoring and responding to online reviews builds credibility and helps attract new patients.

Social Media Posting

Effortlessly post marketing messages and helpful content to multiple social media platforms.

Sales Funnel

Creating automated sales funnels with lead magnets and nurturing emails allows dentists to guide prospects through the decision process and consistently fill their schedule.

Surveys & Forms

Online patient surveys and marketing forms gather feedback, speed up paperwork, and allow contactless data collection.

2-way SMS Marketing

Automated follow-up messages and two-way texting provides convenience for selling new patients.

Call Tracking

Call tracking helps determine the ROI of different marketing campaigns by tracking phone calls generated.

Tracking & Analytics

Powerful tracking provides data and insights about marketing performance and website traffic.

AI Content

Leverage AI to respond to reviews and write social posts

Your Practice Software Is Not the Best Dental Marketing Software

Your Dental practice sofware is not optimized to market to new patients. 

Keeping your dental practice management and marketing systems separate provides clarity and focus that streamlines marketing workflows. Rather than overwhelming staff by forcing them to toggle between clinical and marketing tasks in one system, dedicated marketing software allows your team to zero in on campaign activities. 


dental marketing software for new patient managment solutions

With Years of Experience Marketing for Dentists, We Know What Works and What Will Give You the Best ROI.​

This eliminates confusion and redundancy by optimizing roles, reporting, and features specifically for marketing operations. With dental marketing tools designed just for patient acquisition, engagement, and analytics, you can eliminate the limitations of practice software that tries to be a jack-of-all-trades. The result is smoother marketing workflows and scalable growth without compromising patient data protection or clinical system performance. Separate solutions provide the flexibility and specialization to help your dental practice thrive.

With dental marketing software, your team can focus entirely on marketing activities like designing email templates, landing pages, andTracking specialized funnel metrics without toggling back and forth between clinical systems. This eliminates confusion and redundancy.

At the same time, keeping protected health information within your practice management software limits exposure and privacy risks. Permission-based access also lets you control who sees marketing data vs sensitive patient information.

Marketing software is purpose-built to scale and provide robust tools like CRM, SEO, surveys, text messaging, and more that practice systems lack. You avoid software limitations and can expand marketing capacity without slowing down patient scheduling and records. Dental practice software is notoriosly slow to update and adopt the latest marketing trends. If you rely on them, you’ll be years behind.

Separate solutions provide clarity, focus, and flexibility to grow your dental practice while protecting sensitive data. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

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